How can I contact the CAE?

You can either write to us by post or email, phone or come to our offices.

In order to ensure that your application is processed efficiently and quickly, we ask you to observe the following instructions.

In case of a phone call:

  • please have your file number ready for each call. You will find it either on the letters you receive or on your bank statement (e.g. AZ/1975 03 02 11145);
  • please address very specific questions to the staff responsible for your case. If you do not know the direct number, the switchboard can forward your call;
  • family benefits are paid into your account by the last day of the month. This timing does not take into account transfer times.

If you write to the CAE:

  • please indicate your file number each time;
  • all application forms must be signed;
  • make sure you send all the necessary and requested documents (e.g. residence certificate, birth certificate, etc.) in a single package.

If you already have a pending case with the CAE, you can also submit documents electronically. Please use the procedure available on the space by clicking here. If you do not have an existing case file or if you wish to submit a new request for a service, the relevant request form must be sent to us in original by regular mail. Only the application for family allowance can be made online. Please use the procedure available in your private space by clicking here.


Differential supplements are paid half-yearly and at the earliest at the end of January and July provided that the files are complete. Payments are made over a period of 2-3 months. Wait for your statement before contacting the Fund. All complaints must be made in writing and by post.

You can also contact us electronically by clicking here.

Has my mail arrived?

In general, each item reaches the Fund. Please, do not call the Fund to ask if we have received your mail. If you want to be sure that a letter reaches us, you can always use registered mail.

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