Change of situation

Your are separating

If your couple (married, civil union or cohabiting) is separating, you must notify the CAE immediately. Benefits will be paid to the person with whom the child has his or her legal domicile and effective and continuous residence, i.e. the actual guardian.

In the event of joint custody and alternating residence of the child, the parents are free to designate the recipient of the child benefits.

In the event of disagreement, it is up to the CAE to determine the beneficiary of the child benefits in the interests of the child on the basis of the information available to the Fund.

What should you do?

You must inform the CAE by post, indicating your situation and the address of the actual residence of the child. The Fund will then inform you if there is a need to change the beneficiary.


You are moving

What should you do?

If you change your address, you must inform the CAE of your new address immediately. Non-residents must notify their change of address by post accompanied by a certificate of residence of each family member or an extended certificate of residence issued by the commune of residence. Residents can notify their change of address via the contact form.


You are changing bank accounts

If you would like the CAE to transfer the benefits to another account, you must inform us in writing and enclose a certificate of bank details (RIB) incl. account number and name. Then send it to the CAE. You can also change your bank details yourself via MyGuichet, if you are a beneficiary.


You are changing employer
If you are a non-resident and change your employer, child benefits are no longer paid from the month following your disaffiliation from the Centre commun de la Sécurité sociale. The CAE is not automatically informed of your new affiliation by your new employer. Therefore, you must inform us of your change of employment and send us a copy of your declaration of entry to the Centre commun or a copy of your new employment contract so that we can continue to pay family benefits.


Please note: no changes can be made on the basis of a request made by e-mail or reported by telephone! Official documents proving the change must be sent by post (e.g. certificate of your bank details for a change of account, certificate of residence or household composition in case of a change of address of a non-resident).

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