Right of appeal

If you do not understand a decision or information sent to you, you can contact the CAE directly by telephone or electronically. Our staff will be happy to help you.

Only a presidential decision (with a signature and the mention "for the President", sent by registered letter) can be contested, within 40 days, by a written objection to the Board of Directors of the CAE. The written objection must be sent to the CAE by post.

It is then submitted to the Board of Directors of the CAE and examined by them. After another period of 40 days, the resolution sent by the Board is final.

Appeals against the decisions of the Board of Directors can be submitted to the social courts.

The appeal must be submitted to the Arbitration Council (Conseil arbitral de la Sécurité sociale Arbitration) in Luxembourg (L-1150 Luxembourg, 271 route d'Arlon). It shall be filed, under penalty of foreclosure, within forty days of the notification of this decision, by simple request, on plain paper, to be submitted to the seat of the Arbitration Council.

The appeal must be submitted to the Arbitration Council in duplicate, setting out the subject matter of the claim and summarising the grounds on which it is based. It must also be signed by the applicant in person or by a representative authorised to represent him before the social courts. These formal conditions are required under penalty of inadmissibility of the appeal (Articles 454 and 455 of the Social Security Code).

Appeals against a judgment given by the Arbitration Council should be addressed to the Higher Social Security Council (Conseil supérieur de la sécurité sociale).

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