First parental leave

The “first parental leave” is the one that must start immediately after the end of maternity or adoption leave. If the first parental leave is not requested after maternity or adoption leave, it will be forfeited. An exception is made for a parent who meets the conditions for parental leave and is raising a child alone. This parent does not lose the right to the first parental leave if he or she does not take it directly after the maternity or adoption leave.


The other parent can take the second parental leave until the child is 6 years old (2nd leave).


If only one parent is entitled to parental leave, e.g. because the other parent does not work, he or she can choose between the 1st and 2nd parental leave.


Both parents may also request that their parental leave take place simultaneously.


If the maternity or adoption leave is not due or has not been taken, the first parental leave may be taken from the first day of the third week after the birth or, in the case of adoption, from the date of the adoption judgement.

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