Birth allowance

The birth allowance consists of three parts:

  • the prenatal allowance;
  • the birth allowance;
  • the postnatal allowance.

The birth allowance is paid on application and in three instalments of EUR 580.03 each.

It cannot be combined with a birth allowance paid in the country of residence. You cannot choose the country of payment, but you have to claim your rights in the country of residence. If you receive a birth allowance, no differential supplement is payable in relation to the three parts of the Luxembourg birth allowance.


PLEASE NOTE: the benefit of prenatal allowance and childbirth allowance is reserved for women who are pregnant or have given birth. They are paid to the mother. A cross-border worker may not benefit in favour of his or her spouse or partner who does not reside in Luxembourg.

PLEASE NOTE: None of the three parts concerning the birth allowance (prenatal allowance, birth allowance and postnatal allowance) can be granted, if the examinations are carried out by a midwife.

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