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  1. Child benefit: Certificate of payment for January 2023

    Please note that the certificate of payment concerning child benefit for the month of January 2023, which you may need in order to adjust the tax class on your tax card, can only be requested from 25/01/2023. No...

  2. Differential Supplement Payment

    Payments of differential allowances for the second half of 2022 will be made at the earliest at the end of January 2023 provided that the eligibility requirements are met. Any intervention or complaint on your part before this date will...

  3. Parental leave: Implementation of the energy tax credit

    The CAE noted the introduction of the energy tax credit. This new tax credit, which could have a positive impact on parental leave allowances when applicable, is currently being implemented by the CAE and will be applied retroactively to 1st...

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The dates indicated below are those dates on which our Fund pays family benefits (family allowances and parental leave) to banking institutions. The amounts will appear in your accounts the same day, the next day or even two days later, in case of a banking institution located outside Luxembourg. (see payment schedule)


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