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  1. Parental leave: 2023 remuneration certificates and tax cards

    The remuneration certificates for 2023 will be sent automatically by post at beginning of february 2024. No action is required. We would also like to remind you that tax cards relating to parental leave do not need to be sent...

  2. Parental leave and nursery care

    Parental leave was introduced to allow parents and children to spend more time together and thus create a strong relationship between child and parent. That is why the law on parental leave stipulates that the applicant must devote himself mainly...

  3. Differential Supplement Payment

    Payments of differential allowances for the second half of 2023 will be made at the earliest at the end of January 2024 provided that the eligibility requirements are met. Any intervention or complaint on your part before this date will...

  4. Adjustment of social parameters on September 1st 2023

    The CAE has taken note of the index increase on September 1st 2023. As with previous increases, the amounts of family allowance and parental leave allowance have been directly adjusted and the payments due at the end of September will...

Beware of fraudulent messages imitating the Fund

We are currently receiving reports of phishing attempts via SMS. Please be aware that our organization will never request your credit card number.

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The dates indicated below are those dates on which our Fund pays family benefits (family allowances and parental leave) to banking institutions. The amounts will appear in your accounts the same day, the next day or even two days later, in case of a banking institution located outside Luxembourg. (see payment schedule)


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