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  1. Parental leave allowance - new tax deductions FFO and FDS

    From the tax year 2021 onwards, two new deductions appear on the tax form: the flat rate for business expenses (FFO) and special expenses (FDS). These new deductions, which may have an impact on the net amount of parental leave...

  2. Differential Supplement Payment

    Payments of differential allowances for the first half of 2021 will be made at the earliest at the end of July / beginning of August 2021 provided that the eligibility requirements are met. Any intervention or complaint on your part before...

  3. Spouse's child

    UPDATE : Spouse's child: judgment of the Court of Justice of 2 April 2020 As already announced in April 2020 following the ruling, the Law on Benefits must be adapted. Preliminary discussions for a legislative amendment have been conducted by...

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The dates indicated below are those dates on which our Fund pays family benefits (family allowances and parental leave) to banking institutions. The amounts will appear in your accounts the same day, the next day or even two days later, in case of a banking institution located outside Luxembourg. (see payment schedule)


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