Anti-fraud department

Since 2023, the Children future fund (CAE) has an Anti-Fraud Department, whose mission it is to actively prevent, detect, combat and punish any fraud or attempted fraud, committed against the CAE.
The department has placed particular emphasis on implementing effective means of prevention and deterrence in this area. A system of fines has been introduced in accordance to Article 312 of the Social Security Code. Accordingly, any person who received family benefits or parental leave allowance from the Children Future Fund by means of fraudulent actions - classified as offences under the Criminal Code - is liable to a fine. In accordance to article 23 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, these fraudulent acts will also be the subject of a denunciation to the Public Prosecutor's Office and the author of these acts, respectively his accomplices, will run the risk of criminal prosecution.
This department is also the CAE's "point of contact" for all exchanges with other national and international government institutions relating to fraudulent cases.
Having developed a solid anti-fraud policy, the Anti-Fraud Department's objective for the coming years is to develop and strengthen its anti-fraud actions by improving new methods and set up closer exchanges with the various national and international administrations and institutions in this context.

Anyone who is aware of facts likely to constitute fraud can report them to the CAE by using the contact form.

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