Postnatal allowance

Conditions for obtaining postnatal allowance:

  • 6 medical examinations until the child is two years old. The examinations must be carried out either by a paediatric specialist, an internal medicine specialist or a general practitioner (note: not by a midwife or nurse!);
  • the child must have been continuously raised in Luxembourg from birth until the age of two, or one of the parents must have been a worker in Luxembourg and have been affiliated as such to the Centre commun de la sécurité in Luxembourg from birth until the child's second birthday;
  • the condition that the child must be raised continuously in Luxembourg since birth is not required in the case of a child born abroad and adopted by a person domiciled in Luxembourg. In this case, the medical examinations that should have been carried out abroad before the child's arrival in Luxembourg are presumed to have been carried out if the subsequent examinations are carried out within the prescribed period.

After birth and up to the child's second birthday:

  • A form is normally given to the mother after the birth either at the maternity hospital where the child was born or by the registrar when the birth is declared. If you have given birth abroad, you can request the form in writing or by telephone from our fund.
  • Once the form has been completed by the doctor, it should be returned to the CAE. Non-residents must enclose a certificate of residence.

Postnatal allowance is prescribed after one year from the child’s second birthday.

PLEASE NOTE: All medical examinations have to be realized before the 2nd birthday of your child.

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