Prenatal allowance

Conditions for obtaining prenatal allowance:

  • The mother must undergo at least 5 medical examinations and 1 dental examination (form to be completed by the doctors). The form will normally be given to you by your gynaecologist. If not, please download it here (french / german).
  • The mother must be legally resident in Luxembourg or must be affiliated with the Centre commun de la sécurité in Luxembourg at the time of the last medical examination.

During the first visit:

  • the gynaecologist completes the form at each visit with stamp and signature;
  • the dentist stamps and signs the same form;
  • once the form has been completed by the dentist and the gynaecologist (during the last prenatal visit), it should be returned to the CAE. Non-residents must attach a household composition certificate.

Prenatal allowance is prescribed after one year from the date of the child’s birth.

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