Extension to the age of 25

The child benefits will in theory no longer be paid on the month following the child's 18th birthday. In reality, the Fund will contact you a few weeks before the child's 18th birthday in order to find out whether the child is still in secondary education. If this is the case, our Fund extends the payment until 31 July of the current year. Every year, the Fund will send you a questionnaire in which you can inform us whether the child is still in education. To qualify for an extension of the payment of benefits, studies must meet one of the following criteria:

  • they are studies of secondary education, technical secondary education or equivalent studies pursued for at least 24 hours a week;
  • it is studies or training adapted to the child’s abilities in an institute, service or centre for differentiated education, or in an equivalent institution abroad;
  • it is an apprenticeship for which the income is below the statutory minimum wage.


Please note: the studies must take place on site! Studies followed by "eBac", correspondence or distance learning (e.g. CNED) are not eligible for the continuation of the child benefits after the age of 18.

The dropout of studies must be reported to the Fund immediately to avoid subsequent reimbursements of benefits. Please also be aware that special provisions exist in the event of illness while studying.

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