Beware of fraudulent messages imitating the CAE!

Cases of phishing attempts by SMS are currently being reported. We would like to stress that CAE will never ask you to provide your credit card number.

Beware of phishing attempts using the CAE logo.

The CAE would like to alert you to a fraudulent campaign relating to the payment of child benefit that is currently underway. Individuals are using the CAE name and logo to send fraudulent emails and text messages, as well as to create counterfeit websites. These communications claim to inform beneficiaries of a payment error and direct them to a fraudulent website where they are asked to provide their credit card number. We would like to stress that these messages do not come from CAE and we warn you against clicking on the links provided.

Recommendations for victims

In case of a phishing attack, we recommend :

  • contact the financial institution ;



Websites (real vs. falsified)

Use this table to differentiate between the real website addresses used by the CAE and the falsified addresses used for phishing:

Real websites (OK) : Addresses of phishing websites (STOP)


Examples of phishing attacks (SMS, e-mails et sites web frauduleux) :

 Fraudulent SMS messages :

Fraudulent websites:       

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