The CAE is a public institution, placed under the responsibility of a Board of Directors whose composition is as follows:

  • the president who is appointed by the Grand Duke,
  • four representatives of the most representative unions at national level, namely : Confédération Générale de la Fonction Publique (CGFP), Confédération Syndicale Indépendante du Luxembourg (OGBL) and Confédération Luxembourgeoise des Syndicats chrétiens (LCGB),
  • three representatives of the employers' associations, namely: Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Trade and Chamber of Agriculture as well as a representative of the liberal professions.
  • two representatives of the Minister for family affairs, integration an the greater region
  • one representative of the Minister of finance.

Apart from the president, the members of the board are appointed for a period of 5 years by the Minister for Family Affairs from among the candidates to be presented by the organisations and chambers concerned. The Board of Directors manages the fund (appointment of staff, decisions in principle, final decisions on benefits and contributions, draft budget, operating account, balance sheet etc.).

The President of the Board of Directors represents the Fund judicially and extra-judicially. He is responsible for the administrative management of the fund and exercises disciplinary authority over the staff. In the votes of the Board of Directors his vote prevails in case of a tie.

The CAE is organised into 4 administrative directorates:

  • the Directorate for General Administration
  • the Directorate  for Customer demands
  • the Directorate for Control of Operations and Expertise
  • the Directorate for Methodology and IT Coordination

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