Conditions for self-employed or freelance professionals


The applicant must:

  • concentrate mainly on bringing up the child or children in question at their own home. In the case of separated parents, a judgment with the custody regulations as well as a sworn statement confirming that the child is in the applicant's household during the period of parental leave must be enclosed with the application. The statement must be signed by both parents;
  • be compulsorily affiliated to the Luxembourg social security system without interruption for at least 12 continuous months immediately preceding the start of the parental leave;
  • not engage in any professional activity during the parental leave or engage in a part-time activity if they opt for part-time leave,
  • be subject to compulsory insurance.

Please note: you are NOT entitled to parental leave if you have already received education allowance for the same child (n.b. abolished since 1 June 2015). The anti-cumulation provision also applies if you are resident abroad and were the only worker in Luxembourg. Your spouse did not have any personal right to benefit from the education allowance, but a derived right based on your activity.

The amount of the education allowance can NOT be reimbursed in order to benefit from the parental leave!


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