Participation in the CSA

Attention: The childcare service voucher is usually issued for a period of 12 months. It is valid from the date of application to the CAE. The CAE cannot issue a voucher with a validity date prior to the date of application.   


Non-resident workers who want their child to benefit from the childcare-service voucher scheme when registering with an education and care service (SEA) must apply to the CAE.

All new or renewed applications must be submitted to the CAE by sending the childcare-service voucher form (in french / in german) duly signed and accompanied by the required documents.


You can send us your documents

  • either by post or
  • electronically by clicking here. The submission of documents by electronic means is however only possible for already existing files for which a proper application has already been submitted to the CAE. You must choose in the electronic form in the box "type of service" the heading "childcare-service voucher" and you will be able to attach your supporting documents at the end of the procedure via the button "add a document".

The application is free and can be made all year round. The CSA system will no longer issue cards.


To be eligible for the CSA, the non-resident worker must

  • be registered with the Centre commun de la sécurité or
  • work with a European institution.

Additionally, the child for whom the CSA is requested must receive child benefits in Luxembourg (paid either by the CAE or by the European institution).


The documents to be provided depend on your situation.

Documents to be attached to the application for registration or renewal of the CSA

  • Application form (in french or in german)duly completed and signed
  • Certificate of residence or certificate of household composition of recent date to be issued by the municipality of your place of residence 

Additional documents to enclose in order to benefit from the reduced rates of CSA

Income certificate issued by the Tax office (ACD) for each member of your household certifying your income in Luxembourg or the fact that you are non-taxable. Competent tax offices (ACD) according to your place of residence:

Resident in Belgium
Resident in Germany
Resident in France
Bureau Luxembourg X
21, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg
Tél : 408001
Bureau Luxembourg Z
21, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg
Tél : 408001 
Bureau Luxembourg Y
21, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453 Luxembourg
Tél : 408001
  • If you are taxable: in the absence of an income certificate issued by the tax office (ACD), the most recent tax slip of the household in case of collective taxation or of each member of the household in case of individual taxation.
  • If you are not taxable by way of assessment: an annual certificate of your income or the income certificate drawn up by the Centre commun de la sécurité sociale for each member of the household or, failing that, your last three income statements and those of your spouse/partner.
  • For residents in France: the notice of the tax declaration.

Additional documents in case of separation or divorce

  • An extract from the divorce ruling specifying the custody arrangements for the children and the payment of any child support;
  • Proof of child support payments for the child for whom the CSA is requested. If no child support is received, the applicant must sign the relevant declaration of honour (in french or in german) (see on our website

Additional documents if you or your spouse/partner are employed by a European institution

  • Birth certificate of the child for whom the CSA is requested;
  • Birth certificate of the applying parent;
  • Employment contract of parent(s) employed at a European institution;
  • Tax statement of your household issued by the authority of your place of residence for each member of your household;
  • Your last three income statements and those of your spouse/partner;
  • Certificate of payment of child benefits with indication of beneficiary children.

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