Priority of payment rules

Different situations determine the rules of priority between States. In brief: work takes precedence over residence. Here are the most common cases:

  • The husband works in Luxembourg - the wife works in France (or receives unemployment there) - their residence is in France: France pays her benefits first, Luxembourg pays the differential supplement twice a year.

    Please note: France does not pay anything for one child over 3 years old. In this case, Luxembourg pays the benefits monthly. As soon as the second child is born, the situation of this family changes: France becomes a priority and the family changes from monthly to differential supplement. In terms of the total amounts paid, the family is obviously not affected by the monthly or biannual form of payment.

Procedure to be followed: inform our fund and the French fund of the birth of a second child. Apply to the CAF in France and to our fund for the second child. As soon as a payment is received, send the certificate showing the amounts to the CAE to enable the calculation and payment of the differential.

  • The husband works in Luxembourg - the wife has no professional activity - residence in Belgium: Luxembourg pays monthly in priority.

Procedures to be followed: submit an application for child benefits and attach a certificate of non-payment from the fund in your country of residence.

  • The wife works in Luxembourg - the husband works in Germany - residence in Belgium: the country with the highest benefits pays its amounts to the family and is reimbursed by the fund of the other country of employment. In this case, a record must be opened for the family in both countries of employment concerned!


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