Differential Supplement Payment

Payments of differential allowances for the second half of 2023 will be made at the earliest at the end of January 2024 provided that the eligibility requirements are met.

Any intervention or complaint on your part before this date will in no way accelerate the payment.  Please do not call to ask if mail has arrived or to check for a payment date. We strive to process all cases as quickly as possible.

An explanatory statement will be sent to you by post once the payment has been made. Please wait for this statement before contacting us.
At the attention of cross-border workers residing in France: You do not need to send us the certificate issued by your CAF marked "DO NOT SEND". The details of your benefits received in France will be sent to us directly by your CAF.

Attention to all other frontier workers: Since January 2022 and the introduction of the electronic exchange of information between European Funds (EESSI), no further action on your part is required for the half-yearly payment of the differential supplement. The CAE is informed electronically of the amount of child benefit received in your country of residence. E411 forms or other paper certificates of payment are no longer required or accepted.
You neither need to request a certificate of payment from the Fund in your country of residence, nor to send us a certificate sent to you by that Fund. Furthermore you do not need to send us any other document unless it has been specifically requested by the CAE.

Do you want to know more about the differential supplement? Please refer to our section I am a cross-border worker or to our FAQ.

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