Please note: in order to receive benefits in Luxembourg, you must also apply in your country of residence. If no claim is made in either the country of residence or the country of employment, your rights will not be considered in either country.

You must complete the form (french / german) and submit it to the CAE (if you like to submit us your documents electronically, please consult the category <procedures and forms>) with the following documents:

If you are a resident:

  • a birth certificate,
  • a certificate of your bank details,
  • a residence permit to stay in Luxembourg for all family members (for persons who have a non-EU, -EEE or non-Swiss nationality),
  • if you are seconded, please refer to the section "Secondment".

If you are not a resident:

  • a certificate of residence or a recent certificate of household composition issued by the competent authority listing all family members,
  • a birth certificate,
  • a certificate of your bank details,
  • if benefits have been paid abroad: a certificate of entitlement to family benefits from the Fund which pays or last paid the benefits.

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