Declaration of studies for adult students (monthly payments)

As every year, the payment of family allowance has been suspended on 31/07/2022 for adult children (> 18 years) awaiting the return of the form “declaration of studies”.
The form “declaration of studies” will be sent by CAE, to every concerned beneficiary, living outside Luxembourg on 26/08/2022.
It has to be completed and returned to CAE, with the required supporting documents in order to allow the continuation of child benefit payment.
CAE will only pay child benefit beyond 18 years, for students enrolled in secondary studies, technical secondary studies or similar education.
If your child is enrolled in university studies or similar higher education, you may be eligible for financial support from MengStudien (formerly CEDIES).
To obtain financial support from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, please visit, under the heading AIDE FINANCIERE DE L'ETAT - AIDEFI, indicating the student's registration number.

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