Request for continuation of child benefit for students in secondary education or similar.

As every year, the payment of child benefit for children over the age of eighteen, has been temporarily suspended on 31/07/2023 awaiting the return of the application form.
This form was sent by the children future fund (CAE) at the end of July, to adult beneficiaries residing in Luxembourg and will be sent automatically at the end of August to all adult beneficiaries residing outside Luxembourg. It must be completed and returned to the CAE with the required supporting documents in order to continue payment of family allowance.
Please note that after the age of eighteen, child benefit is only paid for children who are in traditional, general secondary education or similar.
If the child is in higher education (university, BTS or other), there is no need to send us the form. You may be eligible for financial assistance from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. To find out more, visit, under the heading "State financial aid", quoting the student's registration number.

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