Information from the Fund for the Future of Children (CAE) in relation to the coronavirus (Covid-19)


In the context of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fund for the Future of Children (CAE) would like to inform insured persons that the processing of cases and payment of family benefits as well as parental leave allowances remain fully assured.


All CAE services continue to operate normally and all payment deadlines will be met.


In general, the services offered by the CAE do not require a physical visit to the counters.


The CAE can be reached by telephone for general information or information concerning a current case at +352 47 71 53-1 now exceptionally continuously from 08:30 to 14:30.


Preferably contact the CAE electronically for general enquiries or enquiries about a current case via the contact form.


All information on family benefits and parental leave is available online on the website


All Application forms can be downloaded from the "Application forms" section.


All requests for a payment certificate can be made online under section "Request for payment certificate".


All required documents can be submitted either by electronic means or by post to the address:   


BP 394
L-2013 Luxembourg



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